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Bewave team offers a complete mobile application development cycle (for iPhone, Android and WindowsPhone) and web services of varying complexity (websites, online stores with the possibility of online billing, complex backend for other business processes).

In the process of development often have to make decisions that go beyond web projects and applications, but sufficient experience allows us to advise and to provide services in many other areas in the IT sector (promotion and site optimization, network security, server configuration, implementation of CRM, to carry out other complex integration).

You have an idea? We will advise and help you to realize it!


The server part
For our solutions we provide powerful server with a fast SSD drives, a special server software and optimal settings. We suggest setting your Linux servers. For maximum performance of your application, we offer optimization, analysis of the current operation, scaling and implementation mechanisms of the loaded backup on each level, the horizontal scaling of hardware resources through the use of additional equipment including the creation of infrastructures geographically dispersed sites.
Development of the methodology
Our perfectionism does not allow us to do the job badly, we are attentive to any detail in the design carefully treat the code and business logic (thoroughly test and document functional). In our work we use the principle of transparency and does not use a pre-assessment (assessment of the complexity of the project without a preliminary analysis - the extreme lack of professionalism), so we used to work on estimates (you get a list of the works carried out - we save your budget by optimizing labor costs). To evaluate the performance of works, as well as the implementation of further support you get access to our tracker task.
Support solutions
After completion of work, the customers tend to continue to cooperate with us, because we are professionally engaged in the provision of stable and fast operation of completed projects, help in the promotion of products, update content, we advise in different directions. We analyze in detail the tasks and perform them in the best optimal way, using the most modern technologies.
Our designers help customers create attractive adaptive solutions. They also provide the following services: - printing services - logo design - corporate identity (branding) - the creation of brand book (branding) - Registration of colorful ads - Prototyping
Composite site
Translation of sites in the composite technology that significantly increases the response time, improves the loading site. What it is? The unique technology of production sites combines high-speed load static site and all the possibilities of a dynamic site. Why do it? Improving the ranking of sites in Google and Yandex, increasing the growth of the conversion project.
Integration with 1C
We provide complete solutions for the integration of your service cycle with the product "1C: Enterprise". We work with innovative solutions, and provide a solution typical technological objectives: - Publication of the commodity nomenclature in the online store catalog - Transfer orders online in "1C" for processing - Upload results to website order processing for customers notice